Wednesday, March 19, 2008

four experiences down but a final left

I have posted a final topic sheet and a final equation sheet. Not only does the latter have most of the important mathematical relations we studied in class but also makes a great wrapping paper. Solutions to hw.6 went up a couple of days ago...

A note on hw.6 problem 03 => answers for (a) and (b) were inadvertently switched: The faster rate has the larger k.

Thanks for all your hard work this quarter. Our final on Friday will likely be your last before spring break (sadly I have another one immediately afterwards) so make sure you get a good rest before returning for pchem III, perhaps the best of all the pchems.

To the three of you escaping to go on the boat, we'll miss you! [tear]


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where the 1/3 came from in problem 5, homework 6 about the ozone.

R = 1/3 d[O2] / dt

It's supposed to be 1/2 right? I guess it doesn't matter in the final answer, but I wanted to check.

rod said...

No, it is 1/3 (which comes from the overall stoichiometric equation).